Cloning Content Pages

Cloning pages can be an extremely useful tool when creating new pages with different content, but want to have similar layouts. It lets the user focus more on the actual content of the page rather than the rebuilding process.

To start, click on the Content Pages link in the Auctori Navigation to the left side of the screen. Find the content page that best fits the structure and layout you want for your new content page. Click the third icon under the Options menu to the right labeled Clone This Element.

The Site to clone to field should already be preset to your site. Simply type your new page name in the appropriate field and click Save. Remember to keep the page name SEO friendly. For help on SEO friendly URLs, check out the SEO Best Practices page here.

If you do have multiple sites in Auctori and have access to edit each of them, it is possible to clone pages between sites though, is generally not possible without additional development unless the sites use the same CSS and master page layout. An example would be an international site and a US version of that site. Each site would have the same look and feel however, the only thing that would change would be the text translations.

Reusable Content also has the clone feature. Learn more about Reusable Content here.

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