Using the Editor in Auctori

Below is a screenshot of the editor you'll work with the most in Auctori, from adding content through the Content Pages, Editing Articles and Biographies, as well as editing any Reusable content. If you are unsure of what any of the buttons in the editor do, you can hover over the control in question and a popup will appear with a label for the control.


Formatting Text

Formatting text using the Auctori editor is similar to formatting text in a Microsoft Word Document. You can start by typing in the text area and then highlighting the text that you want to be stylized. The drop down that says Normal is used to define different headings that can be used on the page. Typically Heading 1 is used as the title, and the rest are used as subtitles and so on. In the drop down next to that on the right you can control the font size. To bold text, you can select the B button. To make text italic, you can select the I button. Finally to underline text, you can select the U button. The buttons to the right of that determine in what way the text is justified. If it is left aligned, you will use the first button. Centered text is next, followed by right aligned.

Note: be careful when formatting text, as sometimes the styles may be overridden depending on how your site was setup. If you are ever unsure, feel free to contact us.

Inserting a YouTube Video

Adding visuals like images and videos to your site can help keep your visitors engaged. You can easily add a YouTube video to your site by first finding the video on YouTube that you want to use. Click on the Share button below the video and then click on the Embed tab and copy the entire embed code. Return to Auctori and select in the editor where you want the video to appear. Click on the YouTube button in the top right hand corner of the controls and paste in that code that you just copied.

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