Reassigning Drafts

Whenever you make any edits to a content page, that page will go into Draft mode meaning that only your user has access to that version of the draft. This can be useful when you are making content edits that may not be accessible to another user (such as an intern or new employee), however there may come a time when you need to hand that draft off to somebody else.

 To do this go into Content Pages and find the page that's in draft mode that you'd like to hand off. Click the grey gear icon and that will bring you to the  Edit Page section. From here you will see a section that says Reassign draft to and underneath the drop down there is a checkbox with the label Enable choosing a new author. You will need to select this in order to reassign the draft to another person. Once you've checked this, the list of users for your site will appear in the drop down and from here you can select the user that you want to reassign the draft to. Once you've done that, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue Save button to reassign that draft. Note that once you do this, you will no longer have access to that draft version, only the person you reassigned it to will. Additionally, if you'd like to be notified whenever that person publishes that page, you can check the box that says To notify Subscribers on Publish and then select the publishers you want to be notified from the Publishers to Contact box.

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