Re-Sequencing Biographies

Organizing biographies by group can be very handy, especially for sites like those for law firms who need to separate biographies into different regions or practice areas. Once you have created a group for biographies, head over to the Biographies module and select the biography you want to be added to that group by clicking the grey gear icon. Scroll down and then select the group that you want to edit and then click on the Re-sequence button on the right. This will bring up the group and you can add biographies to that group by selecting them from the Available Biographies column and clicking the Add to Group button. If need be, you can delete a biography from a group by clicking the red Remove button and you can also click and drag the biographies to reorganize them however you'd like. When you're finished re-sequencing the group, you can click save and then click the blue Save button again. After this is finished you will have to submit and approve that biography.

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