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When you are adding new images to your Auctori website, remember to upload your images all at once before building content on the page. This will make building the pages go much more quickly. Be sure to place images in the correct Usage Type Filter. Finding those images will be easier when they are categorized correctly. Next, select and upload your image(s). If you do these steps in the right order, your images will be categorized correctly.

If you’re building a page and realize that you forgot to upload an image, try this shortcut. Simply right-click on Images under Modules and then scroll to Open in a New Window. Add your image there and return right back to your original page to use it in the building process. This will save you the time of leaving your draft to open the images window and then back again.

Welcome to Modules in Auctori! Modules are a way of organizing your site's information, and within these tutorials, you will find how to fully customize your site and utilize the Modules in the best way that you can! Please note: by default, you may not have access to certain Modules in Auctori, so if you see something here that you think you would be able to use on your site, please contact us and let us know and we can help get it setup for you! 

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