The Articles Module

The Article module within Auctori is a featured part of the software. It is a great organizational tool for all of your site’s publications, press releases, and blogs. Instead of creating content pages for each of these documents, the Article module allows the user to group related articles into categories and allows for the creation of feeds for each group while minimizing the amount of back end work.

Creating an Article

To create an article click the blue Add button at the top of the Articles module landing page. You will notice five tabs that separate different parts of the article content. Most fields are basic information about the article such as the title, author, and date it was published. Fill out as much information as possible in the General tab. Next is the Titles & Body tab. This is the core of your article. Use the editor in each section to place the content.

The Group tab will help you organize your articles and give you the ability to place groups of articles on content pages with ease. Groups must be created through System Label Management before you are able to place an article within a group. To create groups, see Using System Labels. You can place an article within the group by selecting it in the Group tab, then clicking the Save button.

After you place a number of articles within a group, you can rearrange the order in which they are listed. In the Group tab, find the name of the group you wish to rearrange and click the "Re-Sequence (group name)" link on the right side of the corresponding group list. You will see a list of all available articles on the left and each article that is already in the group to the right. You can use the filter above the list of available articles to help find new articles you wish to place in the current group. Once you find an article, click on it to highlight it, then click the Add to Group button located in between the two lists. A newly added article will be placed at the top of the list when using this method. Rearrange the order of the articles that are in the group on the right by clicking and dragging each article into the desired place on the list. Finally, you can delete articles from a group by clicking the red 'X' to the left of each article. Click the Save button when you are finished re-sequencing.

The Custom Fields tab will list any custom fields you have created and allows you to place content within those fields. Fill these out as necessary. To learn how to create Custom Article Fields, see Custom Fields.

Finally, when multiple users are editing a site, it can be a good idea to use the Publishers & Comments tab to add comments about changes to an article or to reassign drafts of the article to a specific user.  To learn about The Reassigning Drafts Feature, click here.

Placing an Article or Article Group On a Content Page

Select the content icon next to the content page where the article or article group will be placed. At the top of the screen, you will notice several controls that help place content into the specified regions on a content page. Under the Common tab, select the region where you want the article or article group to be displayed, select the Article or Article List control selection, and finally, click the Add Control button.

After the editing box appears, if you are adding a single article to the region, you can select the Specific Article option, then find the article using the Select an Article drop down menu. To add a group of articles to the region, select the List of Articles option and select the article Group that you created. Once selected, you are able to control how many articles of that article group are visible on the site. Once you have selected the specifications, click Save then submit and publish your page.

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