The Biographies Module

The Biographies module within Auctori is a featured part of the software. It is a great organizational tool for all of your site’s biographies or employees.  Instead of creating content pages for each of these biographies, the Biographies module allows the user to group related biographies into categories while minimizing the amount of back end work.  A good example of when to use biographies would be in a law office.  Often, there are several attorneys that specialize in certain types of law such as litigation or copyright.  If a user wanted to find a specific attorney to help with their litigation case, you can group all of the attorneys in that category to help the user find who they are looking for quickly.

Creating a Biography

Biographies will have a profile photo associated with them. Add an image of the biography you are creating by uploading it into the Images module and selecting Biography for the Usage Type Filter. For help on how to upload images into Auctori, see The Images Module page or contact the Unidev Support Team.

Before you create a biography, you may want to create the necessary biography groups for your site.  To do this, see Using System Labels.

To add a biography, click on the blue Add button located on the top right hand corner of the screen. Here, start by selecting the biography image uploaded earlier into Auctori then fill out the information as necessary. Depending on how your site is styled, adding additional information other than what was previously discussed with a project manager at Unidev may result in some styling issues.

Please contact the Unidev Support Team if you have questions regarding how your site is styled or if you run into this issue.

Underneath the general information fields there is a section to Choose all the corresponding groups associated with this particular biography.  Ctrl+click each group listed on the left side of the area that you want this biography to be associated with and re-sequence as necessary. If you need more help with re-sequencing biographies you can click here.

If you have created any Custom Fields for the biography, fill out the fields as necessary. Please contact the Unidev Support Team if you have questions regarding how your site is styled or if you run into this issue. For help on creating custom fields, see the Custom Fields.

Finally add the Biography Body. Typically this tells the visitor a little bit about his/her accomplishments within your company, how long they've been employed there, etc.

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