The Calendar Module 

Creating a Calendar Entry

To begin with creating an entry on the calendar, we may first want to add a System Label for calendar entries. To learn more about System Labels you can click here, this will help you and Auctori organize the entries. To do this navigate to the Calendar module and locate the grey tag icon at the top of the page.

Head back to the Calendar module and click the blue Add button in the top right hand corner of the screen. From here you will be presented with a lot of information. Fill out every form field you possibly can. For Priority you can set this to high if you want it to appear before other entries on the calendar. The higher the priority is set for each individual calendar entry, the higher it will appear on that day in the calendar view if there are multiple entries. In the box that says Labels simply select the system label that you just created. Scrolling to the bottom of that page where it says Effective Date simply enter the current date. When using the Effective Date, the calendar entry will only start displaying on this date, so if you don't want this to appear on the calendar quite yet, select a date in the future when you want it to appear. Expiration Date is the date at which the entry will stop appearing on the calendar. Scroll back to the top of the page and navigate to the Occurrences tab. From here you will select the date of your entry and how often it occurs.

Managing Occurrences

Auctori can handle displaying a number of different circumstances that your events may occur. For example, you can configure events to reoccur once every week, on a certain day every month, etc. If you event will only occur once, check Single Day Occurrence. You will need to enter the date that your entry occurs on and save. If your event will occur on that same day every month, check Occurs Monthly and if it will occur on that same day every year, check Occurs Annually. If your event will be occurring over the span of a few days, you can check Continuous Range and enter the dates that it occurs, and if that rang will occur every month or year you can check those boxes accordingly. If your entry has an irregular schedule that occurs monthly, you can check Multiple Days of the month and select the dates that it will occur and if this will happen monthly or yearly, you can check those boxes accordingly.

If your entry has an odd schedule, you can check Special Occurrence, and select the months, weeks, and days that it will occur. If your event occurs on certain ordered days of specified month(s), for example, on the 3rd Tuesday every June and September, you can select Weekly Count Occurrence and select the months, ordered days, and days that it will occur.

Adding a Calendar Feed to a Content Page

Navigate to Content Pages and click the Content icon. At the top of the page, select the Calendar tab and then in the Region Selection panel, select the region that you want your calendar to appear in, then select Calendar Feed and the hit the Add Control button.

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