Content Pages

Creating a Content Page

Head over to the Content Pages section and click the blue Add button in the top right hand corner of the page. Here you will need to enter a page name and a short name. The short name is the name that will be used in the backend of Auctori. You cannot change the name of a page once it has been created, but if you do ever want to change the name of the page, you can clone it first to create the new page with a new title and then delete the old one. Once your page is named you will need to select a Master Page. If you need help with this, contact us. By default, your page will be created in the Draft state so that you can add content to it and then publish it. Another way to create a content page is to clone one.

Adding Content Regions

To add a content region to your content page, find the Region Selection pane and click on the number of the region you want to add the content to. Once you have selected the type of content that you would like to add to the region, click on the Add Control button in the Create panel.

While you're free to add any type of content that you like, the most common type of content is the HTML Content. This will bring up the editor so that you can enter text and even embed links and insert pictures and videos. If you've added multiple content regions to a region on the page, click on the red up and down arrows to rearrange the order of the content.

Publishing Pages

Whenever you make any type of edit to a page, that page will go into Draft mode. In order to submit it, you will find the page and then click on the Submit button. Wait for the page to reload and then, depending on the permissions you have, you will then be able to Approve that page.

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