Custom Fields

Creating Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow users to create sections of an article or biography that are site specific. An 'About the Author' or 'Accolades' section would be a good example of how these fields may be used. Be sure to contact the Unidev Support Team before creating new custom fields, as they may need to be styled to fit the consistency of your site.

To create a custom field, click on the second icon labeled Manage Custom Website User Profile Fields located under the Article or Biographies module landing page title. Click the Add button to create a new custom field. Here you can add a title of the custom field, add the display sequence or order the fields will display depending on how many are created, and finally a control type. Generally the control type selected will be HTML Text Area, or the editor within Auctori, but have the available options to add check boxes, a drop down menu, etc. After making the necessary changes, click the blue Update button located at the top of the screen. After creating custom fields, they will show up under the Custom Fields tab when creating or editing an article.

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