Form Builder

Form builder is a flexible module as it allows you to create different types of forms for your site including site login, registration forms and polls.

Creating a Form

To create a form, navigate to the Form Builder module and click the blue Add button in the top right hand corner. Here you can fill out the Name of the form, the Title if you want one to appear on the page, a Page to Forward To if you want users to be redirected upon submission, and in the Email Address(es) field you will enter the email address(es) you want the forms to be submitted to. You can enter multiple by separating each of them with a comma. Once you've finished filling out all the fields, you can scroll down and click the blue Update button.

Creating a Poll

If you want to create a poll, you'll follow the same steps as you would to create a regular form, except you will need to check Used as a Poll in order for Auctori to know that you want to use that form as a poll. You will at least need to give your poll a title and a Submission Action which in this case you can just choose Display poll results. If you want to be notified via email every time somebody submits an answer to a poll, simply select Email from the drop down and remember to supply an email address in the text field below.

Once you've created the poll, you can add questions to it by finding it on the Form Builder page and clicking the Content button. From here you can add radio buttons to the form, and to save it, just click the blue Generate Form button in the top right hand corner.

User Registration and Authentication

You may choose to have part of your site be sectioned off for only authenticated users. If this is the case, you will first want to set up a page for user registration. You can possibly have an authenticated section of your site without creating a publicly available registration page. Contact us on details for this so we can walk you through that process.

To create the registration page, you start by creating a form in Form Builder and then enter a name and select Used as User Registration. In the Page to Forward To drop down, you will choose the authenticated user's profile page. If you would like to be notified by email when people register for your site, you can choose Email from the Submission Action drop down.

To create the login form that visitors will use to log into your site, create a new form and select Use as User Authentication. After you've done this, you can select the page you want them to be forwarded to after a successful login, and in the select box below you can choose the pages that you want to secure. Any page you select in this box will be protected and only available to authenticated users. In the Submission Action drop down, you can select Authentication Web Service.

Site Login

In Auctori, there is a way to password protect pages without having to have users register for your site first. You can do this using site login, and to do this, create a new form and click on Used as Site Login. From here, you will need to provide a Site Wide Password and make sure that you select Pages to Secure. In the Submission Action drop down, you can select Authentication Web Service.

Adding a Form to a Content Page

Once you've created a form, you'll want to add it to a page. Head over to Content Pages and find the page that you are looking to add the form on. Once you've done this, select the region you would like the form to appear in by highlighting the region number in Region Selection then going over to Control Selection and choosing Custom Form and then click the Add Control button. You will then be prompted to select the form you'd like to add with a drop down menu.

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