The Reusable Content Module

Reusable content allows you to take a piece of content, whether it be an image, some text, etc., and reuse it across multiple pages. One of the main advantages of reusable content is the fact that if you ever need to make changes to it, you can edit it once, and it will change it on every page that it appears. This is especially handy when your site has content that appears in a sidebar on multiple different pages.

Creating Reusable Content

To get started with creating reusable content, head over to the Reusable Content module located in the sidebar and click the blue Add button at the top of the page. Once you've done this, you will be able to give the reusable content a name. Make sure that whatever you enter in Name relates to what the content is as this will make it easier when going to actually put in onto a content page. You can edit this just as you would any regions inside a content page, and once you're done, scroll down and hit the blue Save button. After you've saved, you will then have to submit and approve the reusable content in order for it to publish.

Editing Reusable Content

Editing reusable content is much the same process as creating one. Head over to the Reusable Content module located in the sidebar and locate the reusable content that you would like to locate the hit the corresponding gear icon. Once you've done this, you'll be able to edit any of the fields and make changes to the reusable content itself. Once you're done, remember to scroll down and hit the blue Save button. Remember to submit and approve the changes to ensure they are published.

Displaying Reusable Content

Navigate to Content Pages from the sidebar and find the page in which you'd like to add your reusable content and click on the Content icon. Once you're on the page where you edit content regions, find the Region Selection panel and select the content region you'd like to add it to. After that, you'll select Reusable Content from the Content Selection panel and then hit Add Control in the Create panel. Once this is done, you'll receive a prompt to have you choose the specific reusable content from a drop down, select the one you want to have displayed and click the blue Save button. Once this has done, simply Submit and Approve your page to have it appear live on the site!

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