The Rotating Content Module

Rotating content is a tool that will help add some dynamic content to your page. Rotating content can either be text, images, or even videos and will display at specified intervals when the page loads. There are many use cases for rotating content such as testimonials which they help to keep your page looking fresh every time it is loaded.

Creating Rotating Content

Before adding rotating content, you'll want to create some Rotating Content Categories. Head over to the Rotating Content module and click the grey tag icon. You should now see a page that says Rotating Content Categories, hit the blue Add button in the top right hand corner to create a new category. Once you've done this click the blue Save button in the top right hand corner and you should be redirected back to the Rotating Content Categories page where your newly created category will appear.

Navigate back to the Rotating Content module and hit the blue Add button in the top right hand corner. Name your content and then edit the Body Content. In the section that says Labels/Categories choose the category that this content block belongs to. You will need to select a date range that you want the content to display.

Editing Rotating Content

Editing rotating content is just as easy as creating it. Head over to the Rotating Content module in the sidebar and find the rotating content you would like to edit and then click the grey gear icon. Once you have finished making the appropriate edits, be sure to scroll down and click the blue Save button so that you don't lose your changes!

Adjusting Frequency

There may be some circumstances where you want some of your rotating content to appear more times than others, and we thought of that! You can adjust the frequency of rotating content so that it will display a certain content block 80% of the time and another content block 20% of the time, so long as they always equal 100%. Locate the Rotating Content module in the sidebar and locate the grey frequency icon that is sitting to the right of the tag icon. You can add any number of frequencies here by clicking the blue Add button in the top right corner, filling out the fields, and clicking the blue Add button to save.

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